Roman Dzhalovskyy



A good video isn't easy to make. Videography is a very involved process but it is also so dynamic. So rewarding. I have decided to capture footage because when it comes to memories, there is nothing that will retell a story like a film. In filmmaking I love to work with timing, motion, cuts, transitions and overall how the scenes are alined with the music. This page is created to showcase some videos I have filmed and edited. 


Washington State Fair

So I had this plan I was gonna win all these toys at the Washington State Fair when I went, turns out those games aren't so easy. Good thing I had my camera, and could get some fair scones. 


mike & Yulia - engaged

it's one year anniversary of their dating. She thinks its a casual day at the beach with friends, he has a lot more planned. 



This video is an adventure session through Cannon Beach and Cape Kiwanda. Some of the most beautiful beaches around. Also, experimenting with some new effects and stylish transitions.


Gannonball summit ridge mountain biking trail

This clip was an exciting video to work on because of the sheer disbelief riding a bicycle like that was possible. Stunt credit goes to Dan. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.05.17 PM.png

Easter Resurrection Church Tacoma 2017

Easter is one of the biggest baptism events at Resurrection Church Tacoma, this video shows a couple from Easter Sunday 2017.